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William Papp - President of P & F      Bussiness Advisors
Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of the American economy.  In most cases, I find that entrepreneurs are innovative and passionate about what they do.  Running your own business, though, can often be a very lonely, very demanding job.  Where do you turn for answers?  How do you find the time to work ON your business instead of IN your business?

P & F Business Advisors, Inc was founded with the belief that people go into business for two primary reasons. First, they want and need to make a living. If a company is to survive and grow, it cannot lose money for long. Therefore the “P” in P & F Business Advisors stands for Profit. We offer "practical advice that works®" to help you improve productivity, quality and customer service. We empower clients to understand and use financial and operational measurements to manage and grow their businesses effectively. We guide you to create long term plans that help you get financing, when needed, and ultimately take you to your financial goals for your business.

Often, there is a motivation for having your own business that is even more compelling than profit - the desire for personal fulfillment.  It can be extremely satisfying to do what you enjoy doing, be it healing the sick, building a home, fixing a car, selling products you are passionate about, creating effective web sites, or whatever field you have chosen, while building a successful organization.  This is the “F” in P & F Business Advisors – helping you achieve the personal Fulfillment that comes from succeeding in your chosen line of work.

P & F Business Advisors provides you with mentoring, coaching and consulting that are personalized to the challenges of your business, your needs and your schedule. Some who call themselves coaches or consultants may offer you a one size fits all, read it in a book approach, while others will give you a manual on how to run your own company. We are different. We listen, we help you fix the problems, we teach you and your staff what you need to do to manage more effectively, and then we help you stay on course for the long term.

This may mean improving profitability and productivity, expanding capacity and sales, better managing cash flow, acquisition and exit strategies, or helping you avoid the daily fire fighting that often goes on, providing the owner with an increased sense of control. All of this is done by providing mentoring and coaching, and by implementing effective management systems on a schedule that meets the client's needs and results in lasting change for their businesses.

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