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Is Your Business as Successful as It Could Be??

Studies have shown that small businesses are more likely to succeed when they enlist the help of experienced business people. Having objective input and gaining from “practical advice that works™” can make all the difference between success, mediocrity, and failure.

Should I Hire A Coach, Consultant, or Advisor?  What’s The Difference?

»  Business Coaches, usually for a set fee, will teach you business skills,     sometimes in a classroom setting, to better enable you to find and solve     problems. Some may work with you on a specific problem, or you may be left     on your own to apply what you’ve learned.

»  Consultants help you find problems in your business and implement solutions.     Like hiring a contractor to perform a specific job, they fix your problem and     leave, or “find” other issues to work on.

»  P & F Business Advisors takes a different approach by asking critical     questions to help you assess your needs:

  • Were do you want to be?
  • What are your goals and dreams?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Where have you stumbled, and where have you succeeded?

With the answers to these and other questions, we then agree on a plan to take you where you want to go. Along the way we solve problems and teach you and your team both the how and the why. In the end, you have a goal, a plan to get there, and are moving confidently in that direction.

Business Coach
Teach you business skills
Helps you aply them to your
business issues.




 P & F Business Advisors, Inc
           Work with you to:

1. Find key problems that      keep you and your      business from the      sucess you want.

 2. Apply business      measurements to      prioritize our efforts and      measure their success.

 3. Establish accountability      at all levels of the      organization and create      an ongoing culture of               sucess

Business Consultant
Helps you find problems and
apply solutions.




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Businesses are more likely to succeed when they enlist the help of experienced business people.

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