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Why P&F Business Advisors?

1. Experience

We have helped hundreds of small-to medium-size businesses, and will provide you with the insight knowledge and expertise of how to make your business successful.

2. Integrity

P & F Business Advisors subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). Referrals are our primary source of clients, and we've been advising businesses like yours for nearly 10 years.

3. Techniques that work

We don’t apply cookie-cutter solutions to your business. We listen and learn the wants and needs of your business and of you, the owner. Our common-sense solutions are implemented with you and your staff so that they effect a lasting, positive change.

4. Access to worldwide resources

More than 5,000 people from all over the world, also accredited by the IIB, are part of our network. Whether you’re looking to expand your markets or diversify your supplier base, across the country or around the world, we have the resources to help.

5. A focus on teaching you how to run your business more effectively

Too often, “consultants” throw a solution at a problem, then leave. The owner and management team are then left with the task of implementing the solution and working out the kinks.... so people easily fall back into business as usual. All of the time, effort, enthusiasm and money put into the solution are wasted.

P & F Business Advisors, though, gives you practical solutions – AND spend the time with you and your people so they understand and embrace the change.

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P&F Business Advisors gives you practical solutions and helps you and your employees.

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