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A Plan for Profit & Personal Fulfillment


P & F Business Advisors, Inc helps owners of small and medium-sized businesses get more fulfillment and more profit from their life’s work.

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How We Can Help

The dreams of many business owners include making a fair profit and finding personal fulfillment in what they do. In today’s competitive environment, those dreams are not easy to achieve.  P & F Business Advisors provides expert advice and guidance to help you: 

Improve your quality of life


Increase profitability

Raise the value of your company

Deal with the many issues your business faces

How We Do It


Business plans

Developing and helping to implement effective business plans.

Strategic planning

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else!” – Yogi Berra


Establishing accountability throughout the company


Implementing the right processes for your business

Measurement Systems

Developing and implementing financial and process measurement

Employee Satisfaction

Structuring people’s jobs to be meaningful and contribute to the success
of the organization.

Sellable Asset

Preparing companies for sale and assisting buyers or sellers to maximize
the value they receive.

Our Process

Call or Click

Call 630-578-5181 or Click “Make an Appointment” to set up a free phone consultation so we can understand your business needs.

Free initial consultation

We want to know you, your business, and your business issues and dreams so we can customize a program for you.

We get to work

We develop a plan customized to address your specific needs and work at your pace to implement long-term, sustainable solutions.

Profit, Control, and a Plan

Greater Profit

Our personalized approach helps you grow sales, control costs, and price your offerings effectively

Gain Control

We create the systems and tools you need to have better control over your business. Simplify your business and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are now in control.  


A Plan for Today and Tomorrow

No matter what the needs and goals of your business are, we have the experience and expertise to help you create and implement an effective plan for your business.


It has been a pleasure working with you. The information we have gathered has turned the company around 180%. You have left us in a positive direction. We now can take the bull by the horns in the right direction. My management staff seems really excited about the new management procedures. Without your help, I do not think this would have been possible. I now know the steps to use in making this venture a profitable one.

Once again, you are worth every bit of the money we have invested and I believe our problems have been minimized to a
great degree. We are out of the muck and on our way to a new way of operation.

Thank you!

Owner of Manufacturing and Auto Repair Businesses

I met Bil when I first started my business in 2015. I can honestly say, had it not for Bil and his counsel, knowledge and guidance, I would not be in business today. My business model was out of the “box” and no one was doing what I wanted to do. With no example to follow and just ideas in my head, Bil helped me forge what is today a thriving, growing and successful real estate company. I am forever grateful to Bil for his services.

Lisa, Presto Real Estate Services

Bil has helped us tremendously…we know we have a workable plan and a realistic plan…  He has been able to help us understand how to help ourselves.

Contractor, Wisconsin

Thank you, Bil, for all this organizing of financial matters.  We really appreciate it.

Retailer, Illinois

Questions for the Business Owner


Do you feel in control of your business?


Do you understand your financial statements and use them as effective management tools?


Do you have adequate control of your cash flow?


Do you have meaningful plans that you understand and use to guide and grow the business?


Is profit something that is planned for, or is it something that happens at the end of the year, if things work out?


Are you and your employees focused on what they are there to accomplish? (Remember, working hard does not always mean being effective.)


Are there fair and accurate, and understood means in place for measuring employee performance?


Is your organization: improving quality, improving service, and lowering costs?


Are you confident that the company can survive and thrive without you or other key people?


Do you have a plan to obtain the full value of your business when it is time for you (or a partner) to retire or move on to other challenges?


Do you have access to the funding that you need to accomplish your goals?

If you answered no to any one of these questions then let’s have a quick exploratory conversation about how we can be of service to your business. 


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Bil Papp

Bil Papp


Bil Papp is the president of P & F Business Advisors, Inc. and an accredited Executive Associate of The Institute for Independent Business. With a degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA, his entire career has been spent helping companies improve their performance by focusing their efforts, planning, accountability, controlling costs, expanding capabilities, and improving quality and service.

Awarded the 2021 “Chairman’s Award” for his incredible support and devotion over the years from the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce.

A Plan for Profit & Personal Fulfillment