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Business Metrics – Financial and Operational

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably noticed how the intensity level increases in the final few minutes of a close game. Do you wish that the team at your business could play with that same purpose and determination? If you’ve chosen the right people, they can and will perform to that level, under the right conditions. Where is your scoreboard? Where is your game clock?

Dr. Peter Drucker, professor, consultant, and one of the most respected authorities on business management once said that “What gets measured gets done”. Dr. W. Edwards Deming said it another way when he said that you cannot control a process unless you can measure it.

Unfortunately, too many good employees, including managers, go through the motions every day, not knowing where they stand or what really matters.  Performance measurements do not exist in many businesses, or, even worse, the wrong things may be measured, resulting in counterproductive behavior and useless quotas or other negative motivators. The result is often a disconnect between what people feel they are contributing to the company and the company’s actual performance.

P & F Business Advisors has the experience and the bottom line focus that are needed to put meaningful process measures in place, from the company level down to the individual – measurements that people can understand and actually help you run the business.  Are you tired of finger pointing?  Do you want answers instead of excuses?  Call us.

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not.”
– Galileo Galilei, scientist, astronomer, philosopher

Measure Success

Make better decisions by having the data required to know what works and what doesn’t.