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Group Presentations

Would your business group benefit from hearing practical advice that has contributed to the success of companies around the world? We offer presentations and workshops on many subjects that are key to taking companies to the next level. Among them are:

Accountability and Performance – Developing an Effective Team

Have you ever felt like the only one who really works hard is the boss? That doesn’t need to be the case. We walk you through the steps of how to find the right people and focus them on making the business a success.

Business Planning

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” is more than just saying. Studies have shown that most business failures are the result of a lack of good planning. We will walk you through the steps of developing an effective plan for your business, and making it work for you.

Common Business Mistakes, And How to Avoid Them

Your business may be special, it may even be unique, but running a successful business follows good, common sense practices. In working in hundreds of companies, we’ve seen many of the traps that management falls into. Learn from our experience and that of your fellow attendees.

Cash Flow Planning – The Critical Element Of Surviving In the Current Economy.

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Now, more than ever, you must manage your cash effectively in order to survive. Learn proven, practical techniques BEFORE you get caught in a cash squeeze.

Analytical Tools Used By Successful Businesses.

Are you jumping from crisis to crisis? Do you spend more time working IN the business than ON the business? We explain the concepts of Key Performance Indicators of any business, and how monitoring them will help keep you on top of potential problems before they erupt.