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The great American philosopher, Yogi Berra, once said that: “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” How often have you gone on a long trip without first plotting your course on a map? Yet it’s ironic that many travelers on one of life’s most important journeys, the journey of growing a successful business, may not even look at a “map” before heading out. Even if there is a good plan to start with, many business owners often ignore the map they created once underway.

According to the study by US Bank, 78% of businesses fail due to lack of a well-developed plan. Dunn & Bradstreet reported that “Nine out of ten business failures in the United States are caused by a lack of general business management skills and planning.”

  • What is your plan for your business?
  • Where do you want it to go?
  • How will you get it there?
  • How far down the path are you?
  • Does the plan change when conditions dictate?

P & F Business Advisors, Inc. has the expertise, experience, and, most importantly, the ability to listen to you to help you take your dreams for the future and create from them a plan to lead your company to where you want it to be.

“Most battles are won before they are ever fought.”
– George S. Patton, U. S. Army general