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QuickBooks Setup and Training

Quick Books is the most popular small business financial management software package in the world, with tremendous capabilities and flexibility. Too often, however, it’s used as simply a bookkeeping package to record checks and produce financial statements. This is a waste of not only your investment in the software, but also the time spent putting the data into the system. When you put data into Quick Books, you should expect to get good, accurate information out of it.

At P & F, we’re not accountants – we’re business managers. We set up and customize QuickBooks to help you run your business effectively.

You need information that you understand, and that helps you make good, timely decisions. You don’t want to waste precious time doing extra work like using redundant systems. That is why we take the\time to understand your business and provide Quick Books set up, reporting and training customized to work best for your company.


Get the information that you need without wasting time